Program Information

Meet Pee Wee

The Pee Wee Penguin youth savers program is a great way to introduce kids to smart saving and spending habits and the value of credit union membership.  This fun and exciting program will help your credit union educate young members and will show them and their parents that your credit union wants to help them succeed financially. 

Pee Wee has many long-term relationships with credit unions around the country and wants to continue building and creating new ones. Here at Pee Wee Penguin, we strive to bring you the types of products and services you want and need so that you can focus on promoting the program and not have to worry about product development and technology needs.  You will have more time to focus on your members instead of managing a complicated program.

What makes Pee Wee stand out?

Pee Wee is the only penguin that doesn't live in the Arctic or at a zoo! He makes his home at credit unions everywhere - regardless of the climate!  Our program offers a personal, customizable experience with tools that no other program can offer.

When a credit union joins the Pee Wee Penguin program they receive a media kit filled with website banners, Pee Wee Penguin logos, character descriptions, character art, and promotional brochures and flyers. This makes it easy to start the program, and also makes it easy to switch from one youth program to the Pee Wee program. Don't let your current youth program hold you back when your friends at Pee Wee are here to help with the transition.

If your current youth program has grown stale, or if you develop and maintain it yourself but are finding the task more burdensome than it should be, why not collaborate with a trusted partner that will save marketing dollars and allow you to focus on promoting the program and building relationships with your members?

Interested in finding out more about the Pee Wee program?  Please contact Corey Prince at 1-800-279-6328 ext.3982, or email at

* The Pee Wee Penguin program is developed and maintained by the Mid-America Service Corporation.