Pee Wee Newsletter


Newsletters are an important part of the credit union industry and provide a means of communication to members about important events or news that happens within the credit union.  At Pee Wee Penguin, we understand the importance of communicating with your younger members as well. Kids love to get their own mail, so that is why the Pee Wee program has incorporated a Pee Wee newsletter. The Pee Wee newsletter is packed with financial literacy information, fun activities, kids coloring corner, and information about being a credit union member. Plus, the Pee Wee newsletter and the website support each other, keeping the young ones engaged.

How do I get my newsletter?
It's very simple. Each quarter, a high quality print-based newsletter is put together for the Pee Wee program. You tell us how many newsletters you want to have printed for your credit union, we ship them to you, and you mail them out to your Pee Wee members as your own Pee Wee newsletter! At $.30 each – this is a real bargain!  You receive a polished, professional, educational, and great looking newsletter to mail to your Pee Wee club members. For a minimal additional fee, you can also have your credit union logo and address printed on the newsletter.