Pee Wee Website

The Pee Wee Penguin website is a great place for your young members to visit. It provides a number of “cool” pages that will teach your young members about saving money and being a credit union member.  Characters Pee Wee, Kiwi, and Sheldon will keep your members entertained and engaged!  This site is hosted by the Pee Wee club and kept up to date with fresh content so kids will always find new games, activities, and stories.

This site is designed specifically with your credit union in mind and is also free with your Pee Wee membership.

This Pee Wee site has:

- Co-Branding. The site is designed to incorporate your credit union’s logo, name, address, phone, and contact form.
- Custom Message. This can be your credit union history, charter information, why the credit union was formed, etc.
- Games and activities. Your young members can print materials to improve their financial literacy skills or fun activities they can do in their spare time.
- Coloring Pages. Kids love to draw and color, and we will keep them busy with the latest coloring pages. Pages are converted to a PDF format for users to download and print out. This makes it easy for mom or dad to make print outs for their young Pee Wee member.

The Pee Wee Penguin website is brand new, and your young credit union members will love it.